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    Spiritual Intention Oils

    Love, Success, Protection, Courage Luna Love works with her spirit guides and divine guides every day with every aspect of her life. In her sacred space, she connects with the divine, the galactic federation, spirit animals, archangels and guardians from numerous realms of highest source of energy, wisdom and strength. Through the connection of Mother Gaia, Luna helps guide others in their journeys along with the guidance of Obatala, Yemaya, Oshun and Oya, Ogun and higher archangels, Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. Her connection with spirit guides her intentions and sets the path for blessings, abundance and more. Intention oils are a beautiful source of magic to include in…

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    Moon Kits

    Each moon kit includes elements charged by the Full Moon, so there will be a new batch of product each month with the moon cycle. These powerful kits are created to help manifest abundance, career, money, and love. By using the four elements and intentions set by Luna Love, each kit is customized for each intention and blessed on her altar. Kits will include: oil, bath salts, candle, incense, affirmation card and manifestation plan to enhance your intention. I’ll also include a tea bag with a special blend just for your intention.

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    Moon Goddess Butter

    Moon Goddess Butter — Limited Edition — is available now while supplies last! As a green witch, herbal lore is part of my everyday lifestyle. It begins in the shower, and as I get ready for the day, I always include magical intention for the day with the power of herbal ingredients. Having sensitive skin myself, I’ve always suffered with reactions to products over the counter as they are created with alcohol, preservatives, chemicals and dyes. I’ve been creating this face and body butter for years and people have been asking me to make it available for purchase. So it feels only right to launch my Moon Collection beginning with…