Manifestation Moon Kit




By Practice the art of using positive thinking and visualization to attract all of your desires into your life.

I’ve been using manifestation techniques for 20 years and I’ve helped many people manifest jobs, homes, relationships, self healing and happiness.

Manifestation can also be a way for people to shift their mindset from negative to positive. By focusing on positive thoughts and beliefs, they can train their brain to see opportunities and possibilities instead of obstacles and limitations.

To attract abundance: Some people use manifestation to attract abundance into their lives, whether that be in the form of financial prosperity, good health, or positive relationships. By focusing on positive thoughts and feelings of abundance, they believe they can attract more of it into their lives.

To feel more empowered: Manifestation can also be a way for people to feel more empowered and in control of their lives. By focusing on positive thoughts and visualizing success, they can feel more confident in their ability to create the life they want.

Manifestation Moon Kit includes:

  1. Manifestation Journal
  2. Candle
  3. Crystals
  4. Intention oil
  5. Bath salts

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