Alitas Caribbean Calcite Butterfly


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She is named “Alitas” and she is a breathtaking Caribbean Calcite carving of butterfly wings. The gold colored stand comes with wings, all together this contains three pieces in total.

Calcite has been used in practices since ancient times. It has been used in many Egyptian artifacts and carvings for its beauty in natural stone. Ancient Greeks believed in its healing properties and used this stone in many rituals.

Calcite is an excellent stone for removing spiritual energy blockages and allowing for the flow of positive vibrations for healing. It may stimulate the mind and help to improve memory. When used during meditation one can let go of the past and restore their hope for the future. Its high vibrations may also improve vitality and enhance enthusiasm.

These beautiful butterfly wings being hope and peace. Alitas has been cleansed, blessed and charged under the full moon and ready for use. You will immediately feel her high vibrations and easily connect with her.

Alitas weighs approx 562grams (including stand) and measures approx 9in tall x 8.5 wide (at the widest point)

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