Berenices Obsidian skull messenger


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She is named after the constellation in the galaxy which looks like an evil eye, Coma Bernices, we’re shortening that name. Berenices is made of black obsidian which is known for its protective properties.

Black obsidian blocks negative energy and is a very protective healing stone. I like to place it by the front door, over the door, at my work place, and even carry it with me in my charm bags. Obsidian is great for any spellwork or meditations.

Skulls represent personal power, knowledge, strength and wisdom. Skulls are also linked with warrior spirits and deities and birds of course are our messengers. This combination gives us enormous expansion and protection!

Berenices weighs approximately 720 grams.

She is blessed, cleansed, charged under the full moon and resting on my altar to bring you her maximum energy. She will be activated for your intention very quickly.

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