Nashira the Flower Agate Druzy


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Her name is Nashira, which is the name of a star and means “lucky one” in Arabic. Nashira is a flower agate pink amethyst with druzy tower. She is a one of a kind overloaded with druzy natural crystal clusters, that makes you feel like you’re inside a new galaxy. She is of the highest quality and is full figured 😃

Flower agate gets its name from the cherry blossom flower looking patterns on the stone. Pink amethyst is a high vibrational crystal that enhances psychic connection, connects with the crown chakra, great for meditation and brings serenity in any room.

Nashira weighs approximately 1.55 kilos and is about 7.5 in in height x 4 inch wide. This is the exact piece you will be receiving.

Nashira was cleansed, blessed and charged under the full moon. She is resting on my altar waiting for the right home to bring her high vibration.

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