Alsephina the aura penguin


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Alsephina is an intergalactic penguin made of aura quartz with powers to travel through time and space, visiting different worlds and galaxies.

Mesmerized by planet earth, she stumbled upon the colors, music and vibrant costumes partaking down the streets of New Orleans.

But as the night wore on, Alsephina began to notice how people seemed to be silently fighting a battle against a dark, oppressive energy in the air.

Drawing on its power of aura crystals, Alsephina sends waves of positive energy, dispersing negative energy and brings happy joyful vibes ❤️

Alsephina is an aura quartz with some natural druzy. The quartz crystal is natural while the rainbow aura is an enhanced heated overlay.

She has been cleansed, blessed and charged under the full moon to provide you with the highest vibration for your home. She is resting in my altar and ready for you to claim her 🌙

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