Zephyr the Lepidolite Lama


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In a distant galaxy, there was a peaceful planet called Zorath, which inhabited all kinds of exotic creatures, including Lamas with purple and pink fur and large, expressive eyes that shone like stars in the night sky.

One day, a young Lama named Zephyr was meditating on towering crystal mountains alongside the shimmering forests of iridescent trees, when he opened a portal into another realm. He entered the earth realm and fell right into the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Zephyr is currently vibing on Luna Love’s altar waiting for a home to bring peace, love and joy.

Zephyr is made of Lepidolite, which is believed to be a great stress reliever and emotional healer. Its positive energies can be an aid for deeper meditation and for working on the higher chakras to open the heart to love and joy, which in turn can encourage healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

She has been cleansed, blessed and charged under the full moon to provide you with the highest vibration for your home. Zephyr is resting in my altar and ready for you to claim her 🌙

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