Elara the amethyst elephant

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Her name is “Elara” for she is named after a moon of Jupiter. Jupiter is known to rule Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

Elara is made of dream amethyst, which is a widely recognized element associated with harmony and enhancing psychic abilities. Amethyst is great for use in meditation, working with the crown chakra, awakening your senses and bringing serenity. Its positive energy forces remove negative energy to potentially provide for better overall health. It can be used in the home to encourage harmony and unity among those who dwell within. I like to work with amethyst to assist me with intuitive messages during my psychic readings.

Elephants are spiritual creatures who represent wisdom, vitality and memory. They are symbols of luck and prosperity and they represent strength to help remove obstacles and negative forces. The combination of the amethyst event with an elephant carving will provide enormous abilities for any meditation and manifestations.

Elara has been cleansed, blessed and charged under the full moon to provide you with the highest vibration for your home. She is resting in my altar and ready for you to claim her 🙏🏼

Elara weighs approximately 221 grams and about 3.5 in in length

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