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    Steps to Taking a Spiritual Bath

    The spiritual baths are prepared individually after a psychic reading to cater to specific needs, using various spiritually significant ingredients. A sacred atmosphere is created around the bath involving candles, incantations, and mantras to connect with spirit guides. Clients are advised to abstain from sexual activity post-bath and to ground themselves afterwards. Luna welcomes queries and assures a revitalising experience with possible release of toxins.

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    Impatient Manifestations

    So you manifested prosperity, abundance and opportunities but you are impatient, stressed out and frustrated…. well you are in self-sabotage mode. The universe has heard you, spirit is working with divine time, not your time. Things are working out as you asked, but you are getting in your own way with your anxious ways trying to rush things along. If you feel frustrated because things aren’t working fast enough then you are only causing your own conflicts. Have trust and faith in the universe, it’s only scary and stressful if you don’t trust. And the universe is making things work better than you could imagine!

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    Moon Goddess Butter

    Moon Goddess Butter — Limited Edition — is available now while supplies last! As a green witch, herbal lore is part of my everyday lifestyle. It begins in the shower, and as I get ready for the day, I always include magical intention for the day with the power of herbal ingredients. Having sensitive skin myself, I’ve always suffered with reactions to products over the counter as they are created with alcohol, preservatives, chemicals and dyes. I’ve been creating this face and body butter for years and people have been asking me to make it available for purchase. So it feels only right to launch my Moon Collection beginning with…