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Steps to Taking a Spiritual Bath

Each one of my spiritual baths are prepared individually after a psychic reading to understand what is needed. These baths are prepared in ritual and use plants with spiritual properties along with blends of oils, and other spiritual ingredients.

Luna will advise you on how many days to use the bath and special steps needed if they apply.

Create a sacred space around your bath. Light a candle for your spirit guide (or any archangels or deities that you work with) to help you during the cleansing.  Light incense, sage or palo santo, if you have.

Shake the bottle, to get all the ingredients (powdered egg shells [aka cascarilla] may settle to bottom of bottle). Each bath has required amount of days to use, so pour a cup if needed to divide by days. (Heat bath if you prefer it to be warm, but do not boil or make to hot)

If you are going to soak in the bath, pour the amount into your bathtub over the water and soak for 15-20min. This is the preferred method and you can use the entire bottle for one full night soak. Begin asking your spirit guide to surround you with protection. Envision a white light surrounding you.  Chant your mantras, or say this affirmation:

 “I release anything that no longer serves me, remove toxic energies and cut cords from anything that is dinning my light. I claim my power and call in my higher self to align me with what is best for my highest and greatest good. I accept the blessings coming into my life, and make room for the abundance I deserve. As above, so below, so shall it be.” Let body air dry. Do not use a towel.

If standing in shower, wash your body first, then turn off water and pour the bath over your shoulders, make sure to get both sides of your body.  Begin asking your spirit guide to surround you with protection. Envision a white light surrounding you.  Use the meditation and affirmation above. Let your body air dry, do not use towel. Use multiple nights in a row as directed.

It is important, you do not have any sexual intercourse after spiritual baths. You are one with your spirit guides, your higher self and the divine at this time.

You may want to ground yourself after the bath. Wearing white is helpful, holding a crystal and drinking some night time tea is also suggested. Write down in your journal what you are grateful for, letting go of, and ready to receive. 

You should havev a deep and restful sleep, but also be prepared to maybe feel some release of toxins over the next day or two. Please take it easy during those days. 

Feel free to message Luna with any questions.

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