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Moon Goddess Butter

Moon Goddess Butter — Limited Edition — is available now while supplies last!

As a green witch, herbal lore is part of my everyday lifestyle. It begins in the shower, and as I get ready for the day, I always include magical intention for the day with the power of herbal ingredients. Having sensitive skin myself, I’ve always suffered with reactions to products over the counter as they are created with alcohol, preservatives, chemicals and dyes. I’ve been creating this face and body butter for years and people have been asking me to make it available for purchase. So it feels only right to launch my Moon Collection beginning with my Moon Goddess Butter.

Moon Goddess butter was created with the energy of the full moon, set with magical intention, infused with powerful herbs and blessed on my alter to provide you with protection, attraction, blessings and more.

This Moon Goddess Butter is great for the whole body, especially your dry areas like your feet, elbows and knees….Plus is amazing as a night cream!

Anyone suffering with eczema or severe dry skin will love this butter and it’s safe for kids as well.

Ingredients included in this divine cream: organic raw virgin Shea Butter; Coconut Oil; Rosehip oil; Vitamin E and Moon Water infused with herbs for protection and abundance (calendula, bay leaves, basil, peppermint, lavender, cinnamon).

All of my elements in this limited edition were charged by the Leo and Virgo full moons to attract love, beauty and abundance and protection.

— Luna Love

Moon Goddess Butter

Moon Goddess Butter

Moon Goddess Butter


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