Spiritual Intention Oils

Love, Success, Protection, Courage

Luna Love works with her spirit guides and divine guides every day with every aspect of her life. In her sacred space, she connects with the divine, the galactic federation, spirit animals, archangels and guardians from numerous realms of highest source of energy, wisdom and strength. Through the connection of Mother Gaia, Luna helps guide others in their journeys along with the guidance of Obatala, Yemaya, Oshun and Oya, Ogun and higher archangels, Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. Her connection with spirit guides her intentions and sets the path for blessings, abundance and more. Intention oils are a beautiful source of magic to include in your every day life. She dabs a little on her, add its to her lotion, sets the intention in her hands, and there you have magic.

Amongst her many psychic abilities and gifts, her connection to Mother Gaia, plants, and herbal lore leads to magic as well. Herbs are used for protection, prosperity, love, luck, attraction, and health. Each herb has its own sense of purpose or spiritual property to enhance intention. Lavender brings calm and peace, did you know it also protects your home? Basil helps assist in prosperity and luck while a single bay leaf in your stew can open doors of abundance, and never forget that cinnamon in your coffee.

Magic is about setting intention, some call it prayer, some call it manifestation, or law of attraction, while others call it quantum physics, no matter what you call it, it creates energy. Luna Love’s connection to the Orishas have led her to creating a line of intention oils dedicated to three female warriors: Yemaya, Oshun, Oya.

Yemaya brings peace and serenity, maternal energy, loving kindness and nurturing abilities, so the Yemaya intention oil will provide loving healing ways of the mother energy. The Yamaya oil helps nurture self love, will help enhance or awaken your loving and nurturing side (similar to rose quartz crystal healing energy but for balancing the root chakra), it will soften your energy and provide peace and balance. *Great for Anyone going through breakups, transitions in life, overcoming emotional traumas, heartbreak, emotional healing, breaking generational cycles, suffering or emotional pain, or just needing to practice self-love*

Oshun brings abundance, prosperity and most of all, love. The Oshun intention oil will bring attraction to love. Anyone getting ready to step into a space of accepting love (romantic or otherwise) and wanting to awaken their feminine side and receive abundance of beauty and love, this oil is more romantic and enchanting. This oil awakens your sacral chakra and can be created to really intensify your passions!

Oya is a very powerful force of energy, she is the Goddess of windstorms and lightening and hurricanes bringing rebirth and prosperity. She also the guardian of the realm between life and death and spirit communications, enhances psychic abilities and is the mother of the marketplace. She is both feared and loved as she is a strong Warrior who brings change and rebirth, and is the seeker of truth from injustice! The Oya intention oil will help those in need of enhancing or awakening their own psychic abilities, needing courage or balance during life transformations, needs to reconnect with their Divine Feminine energy, or seeking prosperity in their career or own business.

These oils are custom made to order! You can order your oils in either 4oz or 1oz and add a note asking for the particular intention oil you need. Please feel free to send message about your custom made oil intention to Priestess Luna Love before or after your order is received.

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Luna Love psychic medium, intuitive tarot reader and spiritual healer from New Orleans

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