Message of the Day – Stuck in your head

The swords cards came out including the 8 of swords, the two of swords and page of swords. It’s all mental frustration, irritation and resistance to break out of your head. Spirit is saying you are your worst enemy today. You are trapped in your thoughts and it is causing you to limit yourself as this is restrictive and conflicting with energy around you. This is similar to a fixed person, who can not break free from their square box in their head. This causes conflicts, arguments, restlessness, anxiety, stress and overall unhappiness. Are you not seeing eye to eye with a person or situation? You are causing your own unhappiness and Spirit wants you to break yourself free. You no longer need to be trapped, stop thinking, start feeling and nurturing the idea of being happy. What does that entail? Having a conversation without reaction, opening up and looking at both sides, the good and the bad, be open to change, be open to listening to ways of improving oneself. All of these solutions create healthy, productive ways to move forward and out of a stuck energy.

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