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    I’ve Got a Candle For that

    Whether you’re looking to attract abundance, love, money, employment or remove obstacles in your life, I’ve got a candle to help you. My special candle services for opening roads to remove obstacles if you’ve had a tough time in business, love, money or relationships. If you’re not sure which candle you need, you can send an email with your situation, or schedule a 30min consultation reading so spirit can give us clarity. ROAD OPENER — If you’ve had a tough time in money, business or career and/or you feel like blocked and can’t seem to get past a financial or career situation, this is the candle for you. Blessed with…

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    Cord Cutting To Freedom

    Cutting energetic cords with toxic people or past relationships gives you the closure you need. Sometimes we end relationships but haven’t let go of that person because of their emotions. This creates cords tied to another person, which does not allow someone to move on after they have ended their relationship, or friendship. Sometimes we also need to focus on ourselves and need a break from someone so that we are not holding ourselves back. When we allow relationships to become stagnant or toxic, it can start to affect our energy levels and overall well-being. It’s important to remember that we are all individuals with our own paths to follow,…

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    Luna Love Psychic Medium Spiritualist With the Clairs in New Orleans

    Luna Love has been seeing and speaking to spirit since she was a little girl raised in NY in a Latin household with a mother who read tarot from a regular deck of cards. During her 80s childhood, she exhibited a heightened sensitivity to the spiritual world and often had experiences that were difficult for her to understand. She would have prophecy dreams as young as 5 years old and would see spirits in her mirrors, talk to them in her bedroom, she felt every emotion that wasn’t hers, which made her know everyone’s thoughts and feelings. As early as 7 years old, she experienced all the Clair Senses including…

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    Ocean of Rebirth

    Breaking karmic cycles Our Lady of the Ocean of Rebirth comes at a time when there is karmic heaviness around you. This is not a punishment. The more advanced a soul, the more challenge it is capable of taking on. Do not feel that struggles indicate something is eating with you or your life, these struggles (especially the big emotional ones affecting your heart) are a sign of a big soul going through spiritual growth. This is an important karmic time for you. Spirit wants to help you attain growth without getting stuck in old patterns. It is time to stop talking, listen more, let go of the ego. Sit…

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    101 Message from spirit: you are protected

    Like the Oak Tree You are protected and can weather anything. Just like the oak tree which can live for hundreds of years, the oak is known for its nobility and endurance. You carry the energy off a leader and wisdom is expanding within you. If you are reading this, know that you are protected by spirit and you are stronger than you think. No matter how dark and heavy things feel, Spirit wants to remind you that everything happens for a reason and is not meant for you to stay in Dark vibration. It’s time to change your energy, sit in your power and feel yourself getting stronger. The…

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    Message of the Day: In Competition with Yourself

    When you see this message, you may find yourself challenged by someone who has similar aspirations or equally ambitious and your reaction is insecurity or jealousy, which only causes more challenges for yourself. It’s time to redirect your energy and focus. Turn that energy into inspiration, healthy and positive energy to help motivate you and move with the same energy. Utilize that strength for your highest good, not against yourself. Because in reality, you are in competition with yourself Let go of your ego and you will see growth and positive vibes turns to success!

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    Impatient Manifestations

    So you manifested prosperity, abundance and opportunities but you are impatient, stressed out and frustrated…. well you are in self-sabotage mode. The universe has heard you, spirit is working with divine time, not your time. Things are working out as you asked, but you are getting in your own way with your anxious ways trying to rush things along. If you feel frustrated because things aren’t working fast enough then you are only causing your own conflicts. Have trust and faith in the universe, it’s only scary and stressful if you don’t trust. And the universe is making things work better than you could imagine!

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    Message of the Day – Stuck in your head

    The swords cards came out including the 8 of swords, the two of swords and page of swords. It’s all mental frustration, irritation and resistance to break out of your head. Spirit is saying you are your worst enemy today. You are trapped in your thoughts and it is causing you to limit yourself as this is restrictive and conflicting with energy around you. This is similar to a fixed person, who can not break free from their square box in their head. This causes conflicts, arguments, restlessness, anxiety, stress and overall unhappiness. Are you not seeing eye to eye with a person or situation? You are causing your own…

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    Moon Goddess Butter

    Moon Goddess Butter — Limited Edition — is available now while supplies last! As a green witch, herbal lore is part of my everyday lifestyle. It begins in the shower, and as I get ready for the day, I always include magical intention for the day with the power of herbal ingredients. Having sensitive skin myself, I’ve always suffered with reactions to products over the counter as they are created with alcohol, preservatives, chemicals and dyes. I’ve been creating this face and body butter for years and people have been asking me to make it available for purchase. So it feels only right to launch my Moon Collection beginning with…