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Lunar New Year in Tiger plus New Moon in Aquarius 

Happy Lunar And New Moon!

Now is the time to refresh, recharge and manifest intentions with powerful Aquarius and Tiger energy around us. Boost new beginnings and launch new dreams using the four elements and written intentions. 

Expect the beginning of many changes as well as opportunities for our highest and greatest good. 

As we shift into the energy of the water tiger, make sure to also incorporate water into your rituals. 

Here’s a cheat sheet:

  • Clean your home: sweep the floors and mop towards the front door
  • Light candles
  • Sage your space followed by palo santo
  • Take a spiritual bath; incorporate bay leaves, lavender and basil for protection and abundance (or epsom salt bath) 
  • Make some herbal tea and have a healthy light meal
  • Write down your intentions 
  • Thank the universe, your spirit guides and ancestors and do not stress about it. The universe will bring you new opportunities! be ready!

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