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Ocean of Rebirth

Breaking karmic cycles

Our Lady of the Ocean of Rebirth comes at a time when there is karmic heaviness around you. This is not a punishment. The more advanced a soul, the more challenge it is capable of taking on. Do not feel that struggles indicate something is eating with you or your life, these struggles (especially the big emotional ones affecting your heart) are a sign of a big soul going through spiritual growth.

This is an important karmic time for you.

Spirit wants to help you attain growth without getting stuck in old patterns. It is time to stop talking, listen more, let go of the ego.

Sit and meditate. Light a candle for your ancestors. Connect with your higher self and listen to the message. Ask forgiveness. Acknowledge and Give gratitude for the challenges and the lessons needed to be learned in order to break the karmic cycle and begin the transformation. Allow the transition and you will see positive changes.

Doing this on a new moon while drinking mugwort tea and writing your forgiveness and letting go letter, also helps amplify the change.

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