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Eclipse Message from Spirit Animals

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

The Eclipse Happened, Now What?

I’ve been called to connect with the animal kingdom realm to get some guidance on what today’s eclipse energy will influence for us as a collective for the next few months. Today’s energy is the beginning of a new path and will continue to evolve and progress for you this year.

The BEE represents the ability to be a creator in your own life and the life of others. Bee energy, according to mythological tale, purifies and strengthens the soul. They create harmony in nature and nurture the plants that nurtures the earth that nurtures humankind. They symbolize healing, nurturing, love, fertility, sweetness, communication, and endurance.

This animal spirit will help us develop the necessary strength and inspiration to succeed in love, family, business and happiness. 

The SHARK has similarities to aries energy, with tons of energy to create action and confidence and strength. Since we are in all aries energy (current planets in Aries: sun, moon, venus, mercury), this makes sense for us to harness this energy. It can symbolize power and authority but if taken out of balance can really be concerning. It’s important to stay in balance because SHARK energy will move us into fearlessness , independence, speed, determination, being bold. As long as we practice discernment, shark energy will help us to create necessary boundaries. In conjunction with BEE energy, this is a powerful combination to keep us focused, and strong, while communicating boundaries and not letting others stop us from reaching our goals.

The HORSE energy is a wild child inside of us wanting to run free without a care in the world. Its our inner child filled with excitement, passion, confidence, grace, and full of energy. This beautiful animal pushes us to run for freedom in our personal power, it reminds us we are in control of our desires. Listen to your soul, your inner child, your higher self, let go of ego, and set yourself free. 

Notice the crescent moon on this horse third eye chakra. The free spirit of the HORSE energy opens our intuition and helps us get out of fear-based thoughts or situations, it pushes us to find happiness and get out of any old cycles so we can finally break free and move forward.

The messages from the animal kingdom reminds us to be free and close out old karmic cycles, find internal peace and happiness, but practice discernment, create boundaries with others and don’t get in your own way. It is time to step into new beginnings. Take a leap of faith. Spirit has your back and the connect with your animal spirit guides through this transition.

Peace and blessings

Luna Love

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