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Mother Gaia, Spiritual Cleanse and Ascensions

Over the past week I’ve felt the shift in energies from planets and our earth, which caused a little conflict (thinking five of wands tarot card) in our physical world. Moving from Aries season into Taurus season is always a bit challenging and creates friction. The Taurus is a little stubborn, especially around change, and mother Gaia has been showing herself in glorious ways. In order to welcome the transition with ease, I’ve been planting new herbs, flowers, making tonics, tinctures, talking and tending to my plants and have been making spiritual baths with all mother Gaia included. And Then boom… messages and downloads, and traveling thru realms have left me spinning. Mother Gaia welcomed me into the doorways of her realm. Papa Legba took me into the gateway to the 21st division. Our Starseed family opened up new portals, delivering more messages, elevating frequencies, new ascensions and the ease of living in the physical 3D. And just like that, I’m on a new level.

I recommend a spiritual cleanse during any planet transitions or to help raise your frequency during friction of energy. 

I do offer them for sale in my shop with the intention to raise frequency and vibrations and restore the light in our civilization. 

You can also inquire via email: Luna @ priestesslunalove dot com

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Luna Love psychic medium, intuitive tarot reader and spiritual healer from New Orleans

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