Luna Love Psychic Medium Spiritualist With the Clairs in New Orleans

Luna Love has been seeing and speaking to spirit since she was a little girl raised in NY in a Latin household with a mother who read tarot from a regular deck of cards. During her 80s childhood, she exhibited a heightened sensitivity to the spiritual world and often had experiences that were difficult for her to understand. She would have prophecy dreams as young as 5 years old and would see spirits in her mirrors, talk to them in her bedroom, she felt every emotion that wasn’t hers, which made her know everyone’s thoughts and feelings. As early as 7 years old, she experienced all the Clair Senses including claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and the rest came later as a teenage adult.

As a teenager, Luna grew older, she began to explore her abilities more deeply such as her manifestation abilities, her visions of prophecy and profound connection to hierarchy angels. She always felt angel protection around her and guiding her and always connected to higher realms in her dreams. Those were the beginning of her Atlantis dreams and Egyptian pyramid connections. During her teenage years, her imbalance in emotions would reveal her fire side, and years later turn to good use for candle magic.

In her 20s , she started to practice numerous spiritual techniques to tap into her deeper layers of abilities. While she continued to manifest her career, launched her first business entity and collaborated with the best of the best, Luna was unstoppable. For 20 years, she served in public relations with high profile clients, campaigns and continued a very successful career, using her manifesting abilities, prophecy gifts, connection with spirit and listening to her guides.

Life shifted in her 30’s and Luna was able to open her own akashic records and travel into different dimensions to connect directly with the divine, her spiritual guide, higher self, as well as mother Gaia and  the archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Metatron). This has led her to be able to read past lives, chakras, auras, energy and provide insight for others to manifest their own desires.

Led by her spiritual team, and the spirit of New Orleans, Luna Love moved to the city well-known for its spiritual traditions. Now in her 40’s, living in the big easy as a well-known psychic medium through through multiple psychic stores and streaming platforms, Luna quickly amassed a following for her guidance and insight.

Be on the lookout for Luna’s upcoming story on the way to New Orleans 😉

Interested in having a tarot reading? Want to connect with your angels, or loved ones who have passed? Are you interested in your past lives? Need guidance on how to manifest your new life? Book a session with Luna Love in New Orleans. She is currently taking clients via zoom or in person. Please book in advance here

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Luna Love psychic medium, intuitive tarot reader and spiritual healer from New Orleans

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