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    I’ve Got a Candle For that

    Whether you’re looking to attract abundance, love, money, employment or remove obstacles in your life, I’ve got a candle to help you. My special candle services for opening roads to remove obstacles if you’ve had a tough time in business, love, money or relationships. If you’re not sure which candle you need, you can send an email with your situation, or schedule a 30min consultation reading so spirit can give us clarity. ROAD OPENER — If you’ve had a tough time in money, business or career and/or you feel like blocked and can’t seem to get past a financial or career situation, this is the candle for you. Blessed with…

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    Steps to Taking a Spiritual Bath

    The spiritual baths are prepared individually after a psychic reading to cater to specific needs, using various spiritually significant ingredients. A sacred atmosphere is created around the bath involving candles, incantations, and mantras to connect with spirit guides. Clients are advised to abstain from sexual activity post-bath and to ground themselves afterwards. Luna welcomes queries and assures a revitalising experience with possible release of toxins.