Aura Scan and Healing with Isis

The past few weeks have been full of intense energy, and with so many planets in the sign of Aries, I felt my outer auric field on fire. I was feeling electricity throughout my outer field so much that it enhanced my ADHD and felt unbalanced even with my usual meditations, spiritual baths, and ritual cleanses. I couldn’t get my balance until I found the right meditation and what I experienced was new so I thought I’d share.

Our auras have an outer layer and inner layer, and those who’ve had an aura reading with me know that I’ll share the layers of colors and how it affects them. It’s hard for me to fine tune and see my own aura energy in a mirror. I actually see it in meditation with my eyes closed. And through this Aries energy (which fueled my Aries in 1st house) I could not see my usual aura field. When attempting my usual meditations, I was not able to bring down the energy, I felt as though I was adding more fuel to the fire.

At the same time my spiritual alarms were going off everyday. I have an alarm system set in place on my spiritual field, right where I place my shields. As an extreme empath, I have had to learn extra shields of protection to not feel so drained or exhausted from other ppl’s energies. There are so many vampire energies around us from strangers, friends and families, but I’ll talk about that another day. My spiritual alarm system was going off, meaning I was being thrown off balance from external energies and it was affecting inside my shield.

I asked my spirit team to bring me to balance with a body scan. This time I used high frequency music, alongside my sound bowl, as well as my drums and chanting. I sat in the hot humid quiet peaceful space at my altar and chanted followed by heavy breathwork to release all of the energy that was sitting just on on my outer field.

I called in priestess Isis to heal my aura, to cleanse me from this energy, to bring me into balance. At that moment I saw flashes of gold wings and in the midst of breathwork I saw my energy field covered in red. It was all covered in a very dense red at the top of my head! (It was alarming as it usually represent anger)

The energy of Priestess Isis came and spoke in light language and I heard songs over my head and then I saw the red field turn into bright white gold light. I saw the colors transform as though it was scanning my energy field. From red on top turning bright white gold all the way down from head to toe. It felt like an outer body experience as I saw my body being scanned like an MRI machine.

After a couple of minutes, I opened my eyes and felt a cooling sensation all over my body, as though I had been showered with cool water after a fever. The intense energy was gone. I felt peace again. I had released. My aura colors were back to normal.

Later I sat with spirit to assess and report back what happened. It was like I had holes in my energy field, damage from external energy. Some of it was past trauma, some was my own ego trying to be released but sat inside my shields, some of it was external vampire energies and their egos trying to block me, take from me, feeding onto my energy.

Now that I’ve been made aware, I can use this meditation as another routine for my auric check ups. I’ll probably do it again in another 6months, unless my alarm system goes off again.

I thought I’d share with you as well to use this chant in your meditations and see how it can help you.

It’s important to visualize your aura during this practice.


I call in my spirit team to provide me with a circle of protection

I call in Priestess Isis to scan my aura and heal my energy field

Isis show me what needs to be healed

Chant: Isis Heal me with your energy

(Envision gold and blue light scanning your aura slowly from head to toe)

(Repeat chant until you see and feel the healing over your aura)

Thank you Isis for your healing ❤️

Open your eyes, sit still for a few minutes. Drink water. Everyone may feel different after this practice. I felt a little light headed and sat still in peace and gratitude for a few minutes before going about the day. Take it easy that day, stay hydrated and grounded, and you may also receive further messages in your dreams that night.

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