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New Beginnings and maintaining your energy

Step forward into new beginnings with your full potential

Some of you may be feeling the shift and affects from the Pluto Jupiter conjunct and the power of the eclipse starting to show up with changes for you.

Changes in relationships with people, places and things are happening now. With those changes, it’s important to check in on your energy field and call back your energy from the past so you are strong and fully charged to keep going.

I thought I’d share a little meditation and incantation for you as you step into these new changes.

If you’ve changed jobs, or ended relationships with people, or even moved to a new home, it’s time to disconnect from the past and you can use this meditation to include names, cities, entity names, or maybe just keep it general.

Cleanse your sacred space with some incense and offer water to your deities, angels, ancestors, or the universe. You may want to light a small white candle if you feel called to it. Call for a white golden light of protection around you and envision that energy field around you.

I call my energy back to me from (name person, place or thing; and envision that in front of you).

I call back all of my energy back to me from all timelines and dimensions and cut all energetic cords.

For my highest and greatest good, I call back my power, my strength, my peace and my energy, to bring me whole once more.

With all of my energy back to me, I am complete, I am confident, I am strong and I am at peace.

And so it is.

Thank your spirit guides, ancestors, deities and universe.

(Leave the candle until it burns down on it’s own)

I hope that helps. Many blessings to you on your new journey.

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